Generators 101 – Combined Cycle Journal

Powerplant Training Course: Generators 101 with Howard Moudy of NEC

Instructor:  Howard Moudy, National Electric Coil
Director of Operations

The Power Generation Market was challenged by demands for technical personnel well before the COVID pandemic arrived. The departure of key technical personnel was even further exacerbated by the pandemic and continues to be a high priority for users and service providers alike. The technical personnel gap has been filled to a large extent by transferring and onboarding highly capable technical personnel, but often the individuals have limited specific practical knowledge or experience in the specialized area of generators.

Individuals tasked with responsibility for or increasingly involvement with generator operation, maintenance, overhaul and upgrades need a practical understanding of generator component nomenclature, characteristics, and function. This tutorial will address the key generator components, their characteristics, function, and how they contribute to the overall generator operation. Pictures and graphics will aid participants in gaining a practical understanding of generators to better adapt to their new or increased responsibility for generators.

To complement the heightened awareness and practical knowledge of generators, participants will be exposed to some of the most common generator concerns and problems and important maintenance practices. Ample time will be available for participant generator questions and discussion as well.

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