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Best Practices: Calhoun

Safety enhancements

Challenge. Reinforce the safety culture at Calhoun Power Co by making ongoing enhancements to plant systems that protect site personnel and visitors.

Solution. Plant personnel recently completed these two safety enhancements:

Pipe extension to facilitate access. Prior to this mod, technicians would have to complete a confined-space permit to pump out the contents of the drain tank shown in Fig 1. Extension of the drain line allows staff to reach behind the handrail to connect the vacuum truck, eliminating the need to enter the space.

Eliminate need for a ladder. Prior to the installation of the safety platform shown in Fig 2, technicians needed a 4-ft ladder to reach over the closed-cooling-water pipes to access the generator belly-pan level switch requiring a monthly test. It was a challenge to access the switch without stepping on the pipe shown. The Calhoun team brainstormed and came up with the platform idea shown. 

Results: The pipe extension allowed pump-out of the drain tank without need for entry into the confined space, thereby eliminating the permit requirement. Time was saved, and safety enhanced, by not having to enter the pit area.

The platform negated a safety hazard and provides easy access to level switch.

Project participants:
Mike Carter, plant manager
Neil LaMantia

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