7FUG 2020: HRST Inc. – Combined Cycle Journal

7FUG 2020: HRST Inc.

GT Upgrades – Low Load Impact on HRSGs


Anand Gopa Kumar, Analysis Manager, HRST, Inc.

Anand joined the HRST team in June 2013. He leads HRST’s Analysis Department. Anand is experienced in several types of analyses including Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) Risk Assessments, HRSG Performance Assessments, Combustion Turbine Upgrade Assessments, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA), Fitness for Service and Remaining Life Assessments, High Energy Piping, HRSG Cycling Assessments, and Statistical Analysis.

Presentation Synopsis

The need for flexible operations is becoming more prominent in combined cycle power plants that used to augment renewables. Gas turbine upgrade packages allow units to operate at lower loads and expand their operational envelope. In many cases, the HRSGs are not designed to operate at such loads. This presentation will focus on the critical areas of the HRSGs that are at risk from low load operation.

Key Takeaways for Users

  • Help users understand how increasing the turndown capabilities of the GT will affect the HRSG.
  • Identifying areas within the HRSG that are at risk of exceeding their design capacities and potentially experience long term damage.
  • Proactively identify any necessary modifications that need to be performed to the HRSG or associated equipment (attemperators, internal liners, superheater tubes, steam separators, etc.)


HRST Regional Representatives

(You can also email info@hrstinc.com to have us connect you with the right person)


Northwest – Ned Congdon | NCongdon@hrstinc.com | Direct: 925-434-5510 | Mobile: 925-984-6835

Southwest – David Heyn | DHeyn@hrstinc.com | Direct: 424-427-5510 | Mobile: 562-688-9930

North-Central – Behnam Kholghi | BKholghi@hrstinc.com | Direct: 952-767-8155 | Cell: 404-444-3319

Northeast – Craig Dube | CDube@hrstinc.com | Direct: 207-731-8310 | Mobile: 207-478-8865 |

Mid-Atlantic – Madeline Fink | MFink@hrstinc.com | Direct: 443-776-8710 | Mobile: 443-852-2051

Southeast – Bryan Craig | BCraig@hrstinc.com | Direct: 813-848-0110 | Mobile: 612-743-1009

Gulf Coast – Alan Martin | AMartin@hrstinc.com | Direct: 409-444-3410 | Mobile: 409-920-1799

Rest of the World

SE Asia – Huy Nguyen | HNguyen@hrstinc.com | Direct: +84 2822 538 841 | Mobile: +84 888 572 089

Australia & New Zealand – Lester Stanley | LStanley@hrstinc.com | Direct: 952-767-8131 | Mobile: 952-210-3607

Mexico – Cesar Moreno | CMoreno@hrstinc.com | Direct: 424-427-5511 | Mobile: 619-214-1869

South America – Bryan Craig | BCraig@hrstinc.com | Direct: 813-848-0110 | Mobile: 612-743-1009 | BCraig@hrstinc.com

All Other Regions – Brent Cosgrove | BCosgrove@hrstinc.com | Direct: 952-767-8128 | Mobile: 612-414-1442

About HRST Inc.

HRST, Inc. provides power plant boiler technical service and products. We specialize in Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) and Waste Heat Boilers. Our engineers, technicians, and designers pride themselves on performing quality inspections, detailed analysis projects, developing engineered design upgrades, serving as Technical Advisors to plants, and offering professional HRSG training courses to help our clients avoid and solve boiler problems.

Since 1998, HRST has specialized in technical services and product designs for heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), waste heat boilers, and smaller gas/oil-fired power boilers globally.

Products and Services


  • HRSG Inspections
  • Borescope Inspection
  • Commissioning & Warranty Inspection
  • Firing Duct Drone Inspection
  • Online Inspection
  • Remote Inspection


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis
  • Covered Piping Systems (CPS)
  • Deposit Weight Density Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) Risk Assessment
  • Gas Turbine Upgrade Thermal Analysis
  • HRSG Cycling Assessment
  • Layup Guidance
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis


  • Gas Flow Components
  • Gas Side Tube Cleaning
  • HRSG Access Doors
  • HRST QuenchMaster® Air Attemperation System
  • HRST ShockMaster® Economizer
  • Liner & Insulation Retrofit Upgrades
  • Pipe Penetration Seal (High Temperature Fabric
  • Pressure Parts

HRSG Training

  • HRSG Academy
  • On-Demand Training (Virtual Classroom)




EDEN PRAIRIE, Minnesota 55344
United States

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