CCJ Issue 60


On the road with Jason Makansi, chairman, Editorial Advisory Board

IAPWS thought leaders Barry Dooley and David Addison were among the cycle-chemistry experts issuing a wakeup call on film-forming substances at the Third International Conference on Film-Forming Substances
Steve Stultz

Simple EMI test detects failing electrical connections, promotes high plant availability
Clyde V Maughan and James E Timperley

How to mitigate risks associated with gas-turbine LCI starting systems

Turbine Tip No. 3: Be sure your GT maintenance plan includes auxiliary (fluid) systems
Dave Lucier

Diffuser-duct upgrade mitigates reliability concerns
Steve Stultz with Rich Miller

“Three Pillars” methodology helps users select the optimal filter for plant conditions
Michael Roesner

How to achieve reliable pressure regulation
Rishi Velkar and Frank Romans


Transformer armor helps ensure high availability

Acoustic leak detection benefits boiler owners, but not all systems are HRSG-qualified

Coating critical steam-valve parts with chrome carbide avoids stellite delamination issue

Keep your plant competitive: Obsolete legacy systems, equipment

Overhaul, upgrade legacy fogging systems to maximize performance

Pitfalls to avoid when adding a fuel-gas compression system to an operating plant

HRSG inspection tips from Bob Anderson

Sometimes it takes a good turbine mechanic to solve a generator problem

2019 CCJ Best Practices Awards: GE Aeros

The world’s largest independent meeting of aero gas-turbine users attracted more than 1200 owner/operators of LM2500, LM5000, LM6000, and LMS100 engines, and their suppliers and consultants, to the South Point Hotel and Spa. A highlight of the meeting was the sharing of the best practices submitted to WTUI/CCJ by users. Almost certainly one or more identified below might help improve engine performance, help create a safer workplace, and/or reduce cost at your plant.

Edgewood Energy. Use of multiple service providers reduces the cost of LM6000 repairs

– Lifting hoist for water combination skid filter mitigates risk of injury

EVM I. Washable prefilter key to performance improvement at this Mexican plant, located in a semi-arid agricultural area

Exira. Plant-wide upgrade of control systems makes for smoother, more reliable operation

– New rules on waste-water discharges dictate conversion to ZLD.

Channel Islands Cogen. Realignment of continuous blowdown at this LM2500-powered combined cycle saves water, chemicals

Orange Grove Energy. Controls upgrade, redesign improve reliability of this two-unit peaking facility

Shoreham Energy. LED lighting upgrade makes unloading of liquid fuel safer

Orange Cogeneration. Low-cost thermal imaging camera aids operators during rounds

Toronto Airport Cogen. relocates instrumentation, promotes safe, easy access to vital data

Pinelawn Power. Piping mod improves safety when filling LM6000 hydraulic start reservoir

Lawrence Generating Station. Custom platform, I-beam facilitate maintenance of LM6000 low-pressure compressor, improve safety

Kearny Generating Station. How to conduct leak checks on an operating engine without entering the package

Worthington Generating Station. Mitigating hazards associated with inspection of air-inlet chiller coils. .

Business partners

  • Budget-friendly asset integrity monitoring from Mistras Group
  • Industry veteran Ron Natole hangs up his cleats
  • First-quarter Siemens and MHPS highlights
  • 501F Users Group has new website/forum
  • TICA announces new board of directors