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Cutsforth Webinar: Integrated Generator Condition Monitoring

Integrated Generator Condition Monitoring


Kent Smith, subject matter expert, Kent Smith Consulting Services.,

David Jahnke, software and electrical R&D manager, Cutsforth Inc.,, 360-474-4610

Steven Tanner, business development director, Cutsforth Inc.,, 218-348-0100

This webinar will present an overview of Cutsforth solutions toward an integrated approach to monitoring generation assets. Topics include increased operating efficiency, reduced unplanned outages, and asset preservation utilizing monitoring tools for:

  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Shaft grounding
  • Rotor flux
  • Brush condition

Presentation Takeaways:

1. Reduce maintenance costs through automation
2. Improve manpower efficiency
3. Relate multiple data points to better understand generator condition
4. Decrease risk of unplanned outages
5. Perform maintenance based on condition rather than calendar

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