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Isophase Bus System Maintenance in Action

Presenter: Brian O’Neil, Vice President, RMS Energy Co.

Bus systems are the main conduit for energy distribution in a power facility. With electrical current carried between a generator and a step-up transformer, the bus is the indisputable critical core of any power generation operation. The need for proactive maintenance cannot be overstated to mitigate the risk of repairs, downtime, or catastrophic equipment failure that often occur due to lack of inspections or continual improvements to critical components.

Large-scale maintenance being conducted on power plant bus systems can often resemble a major construction project. Depending on the project, a maintenance operation on critical components of a bus can include the use of cranes, rigging, concrete mixers, welders, and other elements and equipment often used on large construction projects. The necessary ingredients for managing such large-scale maintenance projects on bus systems include proper planning, training, logistical support, procurement, oversight, and onsite management. Our presentation focuses on the key elements of maintaining bus systems while showcasing real-life examples of large-scale bus maintenance in action.

The goals of Bus Maintenance in Action include:

  • Focus on key components of critical bus components
  • Overview of the importance of maintenance
  • Identify ways to properly maintain critical components
  • Discuss several real-world scenarios from actual large-scale maintenance projects


Participants in our session will understand how essential it is that power generation facilities invoke a proactive maintenance program to ensure that critical power transmission systems operate without interruption. Participants will also have a better understanding of the key components that require preventive maintenance, and they will leave with an appreciation for the planning, logistics, and oversight necessary to properly manage and safely complete large-scale bus maintenance and repair projects.

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