7FUG 2020 Live: AGTServices Inc. – Combined Cycle Journal

7FUG 2020 Live: AGTServices Inc.


5 Generator Minors Turn Into 3 Generator Majors!!!

Date and Time: Tuesday, June 23, 2020 @ 1:30pm Eastern / 11:30am Pacific


Jamie Clark – Sales Manager

Jamie earned his BSME from Florida Tech in 1996 and began his mechanical engineering career with General Electric in 1997 where he was responsible for the design of generator auxiliary systems ranging from hydrogen cooling and seal oil systems design for conventionally cooled machines, to stator water cooling systems for larger fossil and nuclear generator applications.

From 2000 to 2007, Jamie took on the role of North American Sales Manager for Environment One’s Utility Systems business, responsible for the Application Engineering and Consultative Sales for EOne’s generator hydrogen cooling systems product lines throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Jamie returned to GE in 2007 as Technical Leader for Steam Turbine and Generator Accessory Systems’ New Product Introduction team, responsible for leading the design and execution of new turbine and generator accessory systems and power plant configurations, with an emphasis on total plant installed cost reductions.

In April of 2012, Jamie joined AGTServices as the Sales Manager for all of AGTServices generator service offerings. Jamie is responsible for all sales and marketing efforts, proposal development, operational support and technical conferences.

Presentation Synopsis

Competing Forces Are Changing The Way Generators Are (Or, Oftentimes, Are Not) Maintained. Owners Have Spent Years Pushing For Increased Durations Between Outages, And Reducing The Disassembly Required To Perform Generator Inspections. Oem’s And Even Insurance Providers Have Begun To Meet Those Demands, By Changing Recommended Inspection Requirements, Durations And Inspection Means (Namely Borescope And Robotics). However, The Fleet Of 7f And Their St Brethren Aren’t Any Younger (Averaging Nearly 20 Years Since Cod). And Markets Are Driving Amazingly High Demands With Respect To Annual Start/stop Counts, On Units That Are Nearing End Of Design Life.

This Technical Presentation Highlights The Need To Baseline Your 7f (Whether Simple Or Combined Cycle) Units, Before Fully Committing To “Minor Only” Inspections. Case Studies Will Be Presented From Several 2019 “Minor” Inspections, And How The Emergent Repairs Expanded Them Into Unplanned Major Outages. Highlighting The Importance Of Knowing Your Unit’s History And Knowing This Fleet Of Generators, And Their Issues!

Key Takeaways for Users

Planning, planning and, more planning! Our fleet of 7F-driven units are not getting any younger, and you are being tasked to run them harder, start/stop them more frequently, all while also minimizing outage durations and increasing outage intervals! Increased efforts are pressing for “rotor in” inspections, only! On a fleet of units that has a long history of problems that, if not remedied, WILL result in increased forced outages and, therefore, Unreliability.


Mike Bresney – President
Vincent Rigosu – Operations Manager
Bill Dollard – Contract Manager
Chuck Marino – Engineering Manager
All can be reached at 518-843-1112

Jamie Clark – Sales Manager – Cell – 518-506-7407, or office number above.

About AGTServices

AGTServices is one of the few remaining, fully independent, fully capable turbine-driven generator services providers in the US. Founded by Mike Bresney and Jim Taillon in January 2000, this year makes our 20th anniversary in providing world class, highly respected and customer focused generator testing, inspection and repair services. We don’t have a “mother ship” to report to! We don’t need “approval” to be creative! And we have the OWNER in mind for every project which we execute.

Products and Services

Full generator testing, inspection and repair capabilities, including full stator and field rewinds, stator core restacks, high voltage bushing manufacture and installation/repairs.




24 Sam Stratton Road
Amsterdam, 34 12010
United States

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