BEST PRACTICES: SEEDCO – Combined Cycle Journal


Fogging-water reclamation project

Challenge. The facility, operated and maintained by CAMS, operates two Pratt & Whitney FT-4 twin packs. A main fogging pump forces 10-12 gpm of water at 1100 psig through nozzles in each engine’s inlet compartment as a mist. Non-consumed fogging mist falls to inlet floor and is drained, resulting in increased water usage and expenses for demineralizer resin replacement.

Solution. Each inlet drain line was rerouted to a stainless steel sump equipped with a pump. Each compartment’s sump pump, once activated by a level switch, transfers the collected fogging water to a holding tank. After the holding tank’s level has reached a set point, the processed fogging water is then drawn from the holding tank by a reclaim pump. The fogging water is then sent back through the demineralizer and stored for reuse.

Results. Fogging water is now collected and reused rather than being discharged, thus decreasing water usage and demineralization costs.

Project participants: Chad Mitchum and Jim Riddle.


Owned by Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc
Operated by Consolidated Asset Management Services
100-MW, simple cycle, peaking facility located in Smiths Station, Ala
Plant manager: Jim Riddle

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