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AOG Training Session Registration

Training workshops differentiate AOG from other user-group meetings

There’s pent up demand for engine-specific knowledge among Alstom gas-turbine (and steam turbine) owner/operators given the OEM’s flagging efforts in customer training as its commercial activities wound down before the sale to GE, and in the years that followed the transfer in ownership. Both users and vendors recognized this and collaborated to develop a conference agenda to meet the unique needs of the AOG community.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be an Alstom end user to participate. With the advent of the AOG virtual conference, the group has expanded its training offerings to suit, in many cases, to suit all powerplant personnel. This is offered in addition to user-only, OEM, and third-party technical presentations.

Have a look below and please select the training sessions at the upcoming AOG2021 that you are interested in attending.

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