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Calculator for weight management of forklift jib extension

Best Practices Award

Challenge. When using the jib extension on the forklift with more than one attachment point, how can the operator know the lift will not cause overload problems? The forklift has charts for different boom angles and extensions. But when the boom extension is used with more than one attachment point the maximum weight lift is not intuitively known.

Solution and results. Using Microsoft Excel, plant personnel developed and implemented a comprehensive spreadsheet program to calculate maximum forklift weight capabilities in different configurations and scenarios, thereby enhancing the safety of both operators and equipment (Figs 1, 2). This motivated the development of another calculator, one that lets the operator know the rating of slings if they are at an angle when attached to the jib on the forklift (Figs 3, 4).

Bryan Miller, CT specialist and site safety representative
Project participants.

Chuck Barnes, regional safety representative

Armstrong Energy

GDF Suez Energy North America
625-MW, dual-fuel, simple-cycle peaking facility located in Shelocta, Pa
Plant manager: Matt Denver

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