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Liburdi Webinar: 7F Nozzle Repair

7F Gas Turbine Nozzle Repair: Proven LPM® technology for cycling units

Liburdi’s LPM® technology has been proven to save operators money by extending component lives. As a high-strength metal replacement process it was developed for the repair of gas turbine components over 30 years ago. Since that time it has proven itself a useful and cost effective process applicable to both repairs and new-component manufacture on polycrystal, DS and single crystal superalloys.

As utility owners find their operating profiles shifting into starts-based maintenance cycles, the component life-limiting damage mechanisms have also shifted from creep and coating consumption to thermal-fatigue cracking. Such cracking is not well addressed by braze repairs, is tedious to rectify weld repairs, and is very expensive to patch by couponing.

LPM® technology offers a unique way to repair damage which is sufficiently ductile and has low distortion. This webinar with explain the process and materials, how and why the preparation is key to the process, and show practical results from prior repairs. And yes, Liburdi can both re-repair LPM® and weld upon LPM®. After the webinar, there will be a chance to ask questions about your applications.

About the Presenter

Doug Nagy

IGT Component Repair Manager, Liburdi Turbine Services

Doug manages industrial gas and steam turbine component repairs and provides guidance to research, metallurgy, and development engineering groups.

He has over 25 years of extensive experience in the analysis of industrial and aero gas turbine components, failure analysis, wear and friction research, high temperature gas turbine component inspection, condition assessment, superalloy metallurgy, and development of coatings and repair processes.

Doug lectures on superalloys and metallurgy at university and commercial levels, and has also served as expert witness on turbine component condition assessment, failure analysis, and metallurgy.

Contact Information

Doug Nagy
Manager, IGT Components Repair
Office: 905-689-0734
Cell: 905-977-0815

Jeff Chapin
Business Development Manager
Office: 704-230-2521
Cell: 315-447-3780

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