Latest Issue of Combined Cycle Journal – Combined Cycle Journal

Latest Issue of Combined Cycle Journal


MAJOR INSPECTION: Profiling the highlights of a major inspection at NV Energy’s Higgins Station. HRSG, valve issues addressed; M&D added to GTs, transformers STEAM TURBINES: Steam can flow backwards, erode trailing edges of last-stage blades . Brent Gregory and Ryan Yamane, Creative Power Solutions
ROTOR LIFETIME INSPECTION: Frame 5N rotor better than new after EOL inspection, repairs TRANSFORMERS: Fleet-wide transformer monitoring program reduces losses
GENERATORS: Stator connection-ring vibration knocks out hydrogen-cooled generator SPRING OUTAGE: Finish spring outage on-time, on-budget with better planning, preparation, execution
EMISSIONS COMPLIANCE: Take control of your catalyst management. L Muzio and R Smith, FERCo, and J Baker and J Perez, Riverside Public Utilities ROTOR AIR COOLERS: Mitigate RAC failures with tighter control of water chemistry, better materials. Kevin J Boudreaux, Nalco Power
HEAT-RECOVERY STEAM GENERATORS: Clean fouled HRSG tubes, increase revenue. Christopher Norton and Randy Martin, Environmental Alternatives Inc DEVELOPMENTS TO WATCH: Ultrasonic flow meter differentiates between water and steam in HRSG drain lines. Bill Carson, EPRI, and Bob Anderson, Competitive Power Resources Corp
DEVELOPMENTS TO WATCH: Kraft rolls out TurboPHASE on the industry’s biggest stage DEVELOPMENTS TO WATCH: Tweaking the Brayton, Rankine cycles to reduce heat rate


awareness, wireless, smart and ordinary valves, predictive control, unit response optimization, performance monitoring, plant automation, connectivity platforms, knowledge management; plus, project-of-the-year awards
501 F & G USERS GROUPS: Why attendance at the next conference, February 16 – 20, is a MUST for owner/operators, steering-committee update, exhaust systems, how to deal with the thru-bolt issue, fleet starting reliability improves, debris mitigation, aftermarket competition, safety initiatives
WESTERN TURBINE: First-rate aero-engine training at virtually no cost, new leadership, preliminary 2014 conference program, important acronyms and what they mean, highlights of breakout sessions for the LM2500, LM5000, LM6000, and LMS 100 engines that focus on problems/solutions for compressors, combustor, and turbine sections 7F USERS GROUP: Direct Energy’s Ed Fuselier elected chair for 2013 -2014 and Richard Clark vice chair, performance improvement with inlet chilling/TES, corrosion pit takes out engine, five compressors issues and how users dealt with them, safety best practices, notes from combustion, turbine, generator, and controls sessions


  • IAPWS helps plants control cycle chemistry
  • CCUG recognizes four engineers for their contributions to the industry
  • Wood Group, Siemens update industry on joint venture
  • Develop a robust preservation program to protect plant equipment during lay-ups
  • Bridging the gap between raw talent and experience
  • Hill to succeed Fusco as Calpine’s CEO next May
  • New products and services on the market
  • Latest company and plant news

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