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7FUG 2020: Strategic Power Systems, Inc.

Power Plant Analytics and Optimization

Providing detailed, reliability performance data and solutions that allows our customers to make informed business decisions while working to ensure that gas turbines, are and will continue to be, an integral part of the energy mix


Salvatore A. DellaVilla Jr – CEO and Founder, Strategic Power Systems, Inc.

Sal is the founder, Chairman, & CEO of Strategic Power Systems, Inc. with over forty (40) years of experience in the reliability engineering and information technology disciplines. He held various positions in General Electric’s turbine businesses, with a focus on “design for reliability”, product improvements, and customer service. He is a member of ASME, a past Chairman of the Electric Power committee, and past Chairman of the Standards Committee on reliability. He is currently serving as the Managing Director of the Gas Turbine Association (GTA) as well as a member of the Stakeholder Advisory Board on the development of Extreme Environmental Materials. He has written and published numerous papers on reliability issues and performance trends in the industry, receiving a “best paper” award in 2001 for a paper entitled “Gas Turbine Performance of Mature, F, and Advanced Technologies 2000.” In 2014, he was awarded the Industrial Gas Turbine Award from ASME for sustained contributions to the energy industry.

Presentation Synopsis

Every power plant requires data to make informed decisions and to satisfy their numerous reporting requirements. Fortunately, there is a tremendous amount of data available, but unfortunately organizing this data and transforming it into actionable information can be difficult and time consuming.

This presentation will focus on ORAP, a powerful database system that allows for the capture of data from global operating power plants (gas, steam, and wind) and the value-added tools offered to owner/operators to support effective decision making.

The presentation will take a look at customer success stories highlighting ways that they utilized ORAP to create an information architecture within their business. Including RAM KPIs and Benchmarking, Critical and Capital Parts Planning, and automation to optimize time and productivity.

Key Takeaways for Users

  • How to use data and analytics to drive down costs and improve productivity
  • Satisfy all Management, ISO/NERC GADS, and other reporting requirements with one set of data
  • Benchmarking – know where you fit in versus your peers – make informed decisions, utilize best practices
  • Optimize your Availability, use data to stop issues before they happen
  • Ensure knowledge transfer and consistency across multiple plants
  • Transparency and lessons learned, don’t repeat mistakes
  • Understand problems happening in the fleet that you might not have experienced yet
  • Have a complete perspective of your serialized parts (both in operating units and inventory) including aging over time
  • Learn more about the focus in the industry to ensure that gas turbines will continue to be an integral part of the Energy Mix and a part of the future Clean Energy Solution


Lynne Bellizzi, Manager – Marketing & Communications, bellizzi@spsinc.com, 704-945-4612,
Sal DellaVilla, CEO and Founder, dellavilla@spsinc.com, 704-544-5501
Tom Christiansen, Senior Vice President, christiansen@spsinc.com, 704-945-4613
Jon Willis, Director – SPS International (UK) Ltd., jon.willis@spsinc.com, +44 (0) 20 33 55 56 66

About Strategic Power Systems, Inc.

SPS’ philosophy is Data First. Data is what we do. We are experts in the field of data collection, validation, analysis, and benchmarking of power plant performance across the various technologies. We provide key performance metrics or (KPIs), following industry standards, to power plant owners, operators, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other industry stakeholders through the Operational Reliability Analysis Program (ORAP®). This information allows them to make informed business decisions relating to the performance and operational readiness of their equipment. There is no system in the world that collects power plant data in such a comprehensive way as ORAP.

Products and Services

SPS provides value to the global energy market through our ORAP products and services. ORAP collects data from operating power plants, field service technicians, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Independent Service providers and turns that data into meaningful, unbiased, third-party, benchmarking statistics for the Energy industry.

ORAP RAM: Owner/operator participants in ORAP RAM have access to details on their Reliability, Availability, Starting Reliability, Forced Outage Factor, and others, all with peer benchmarks for comparison. Additionally, owner/operators are able to see Total Plant Metrics including EFOR and EFORd, as well as Component Contributors to Downtime for their whole peer fleet. This data allows participants to formulate knowledge-based maintenance strategies based on fleet performance characteristics and best-in-class statistics.

Automated Data Collection – ORAP Asset Insight®: Reduce the effort of data collection and reporting at your plant. ORAP Asset Insight provides a tool that captures required performance information directly from a data historian (like an OSIsoft PI system). Capturing data automatically, plants can fulfill multiple data requirements, such as reliability benchmarking, tracking the parameters that influence capital parts age, compliance reporting to NERC GADS, on-demand asset reporting using standard Key Performance Indicators, projecting maintenance intervals based on current & future plant operations, and understanding the operating profile of the plant in terms of start time, fuel used, power output, others.

ORAP Parts-Trac™: a turbine parts tracking service that provides customers with a complete perspective of their serialized parts (both in the operating unit(s) and in inventory) including aging over time. The application is flexible and allows for multiple ages to be tracked simultaneously (e.g. factored hours, equivalent starts, accumulated cycles). Entire sets can be installed or removed with a single action, tracking all of the resulting serialized part transactions.
Reports are available to support all aspects related to specific equipment, sets, or serial numbers, and for the site or fleet related to planning upcoming outages or part purchases based on detailed part life information.

Engineering & Benchmarking Analysis Studies: SPS has a long history in providing detailed Engineering & Benchmarking analysis studies including such things as; RAM Assessments, Engine Removal Projections, Design Option Evaluations, Expected RAM Performance Studies, Fault Tree Analyses (FTA), and Failure Modes & Effect Criticality Analyses (FMECA).




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