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Special Closed Sessions – Siemens Energy

The Siemens session on Wednesday (February 12), from 10 a.m. until lunch, began with a high- level update on the Siemens Energy spinoff. Also highlighted was Siemens Energy's roadmap to "Making Energy Greener." A comprehensive gas-turbine update followed with technical updates on these topics:

  • Hexavalent chromium
  • Air-separator radial rubs and axial
  • Exhaust manifold.
  • Advanced two-piece exhaust.
  • D5 turbine through-bolt
  • Bearing-bore drop-measurement
  • New high-performance Row 4 turbine
  • Peak firing and experience with ULN (ultra-low NOx).
  • Parts availability.
  • Torque-tube
  • Recent SGT6-5000F5
  • Thermal-performance upgrade

Next came a presentation on Brownfield Engine Exchange (BEX) which outlined the benefits and the process for a BEX and provided examples of several projects implemented by Siemens Energy. Following this was a generator update-including a fleet overview, discussion of generator findings observed during outages, and a review of various technologies to help reduce maintenance.

The session closed with a discussion of plant assessments (inclusive of operational assessment, performance/thermodynamic evaluation, availability, reliability, maintenance evaluation, and upgrade capability) and solutions to drive operational flexibility-including emissions reductions, adjusted maintenance intervals and faster cooldowns, enhanced-performance starts and stops, and alignment to grid requirements through load gradients.

Operational enhancements for Siemens and Westinghouse steam turbines discussed were fast synchronization, fast speed and load ramps, fast close of bypass valves, fast shutdown, variable load-rate capabilities, variable speed rate potential capability, and considerations for speed roll times.

Most of the material presented is available on the Siemens Energy Customer Extranet Portal (https://siemens.force.com/cep). If you are an owner and/or operator of the company's power generation equipment and do not have access to the portal, use the link to request it.

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