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Customized ear plugs protect hearing


Amman East Power Plant
AES Jordan PSC
420-MW, dual-fuel, 2 × 1 combined cycle powered by V94.2 gas turbines, located in Al Manakher, Jordan
Plant manager: Peter Kuijs

Challenge. Hearing protection is one of the main health challenges at the AES Jordan site. Personnel (especially O&M teams) are exposed to high noise areas daily. The hearing protection devices used were disposable ear plugs or ear muffs. Their main deficiencies: Discomfort, incorrect use, infection, and lifecycle cost. The main objective of the project was to provide more effective noise protection with a device suitable for use by all AES Jordan employees.

Solution. Meet with a qualified vendor to explain plant requirements and to take noise measurements in high noise areas at the site. Based on that information, one custom set of ear plugs was fabricated for an experienced craft person and performance tests were conducted in the vendor’s lab and onsite to assure satisfaction. Next steps: Ear profile measurements, training, and supply of the approved product to staff.


  • Reduces exposed noise level by 5 to 7 dB below that possible with normal hearing protection.
  • Perfect fit for maximum comfort to avoid misuse.
  • Protection against ear infection. Special material used in manufacture is washable and helps prevent bacteria from forming.
  • Affordable; payback within a year. Durable product has an average life span of four years.
  • Replicable for all AES businesses.

Project participants: Anas Diab and Laith Jaraabeh

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