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Air-Cooled Condenser Cleaning and Leak Detection

Presenter: Gary Fischer, National Sales Manager, Conco Services
Tel: +1 412 828 1166

Reference Link to IAPWS Technical Guidance Document: Air In-leakage in Steam–Water Cycles. Access and updates to all IAWPS TGDs are posted at

All condensers will foul, causing a combination of heat transfer and efficiency issues and other potential problems to different equipment within the plant. However, Air Cooled Condensers pose significant challenges that differ from the typical Steam Surface Condenser found in Power Plants.

This webinar will focus on the cleaning and leak problems that commonly occur on ACC units and how end users can minimize downtime and improve plant efficiency by maintaining the effectiveness of their ACC unit. We will discuss cleaning technologies, the effectiveness of the cleaning process, the time required to perform the task and the frequency these tasks need to occur. We will also examine leak detection and the methods used to find the troublesome leaks in the miles of piping in the ACC unit.

This webinar is geared toward the engineers and maintenance personnel that are new to ACC configurations, those that work with ACC units but have cleaning and leak issues right now and those plants that are considering or having an ACC unit built on site now or soon.

  • Discussion of Cleaning and Leak Detection
  • Cleaning technologies
  • Effectiveness of the cleaning process
  • Leak discovery methodology
  • Improvement of plant efficiency and time management

About the Presenter

Gary Fischer, National Sales Manager, Conco Services

Gary manages a team of six outside and two inside sales representatives and is responsible for all sales activities within the US Power Generation market.  His interest in sales management, particularly technical sales, drew him to Conco in 2002.

Before joining Conco, Gary worked in various markets ranging from construction to the software industry, most recently as the vice president of sales for Eutech Cybernetics. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and also an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

Gary is a longstanding member of ASME.  He has held various positions within the Heat Exchanger Committee including Committee Chairman. Currently, he is the past-Chair and assists the current Chairman with special functions and duties.  He is a frequent presenter at power shows and conferences on subjects relating to cleaning, eddy current testing and leak detection and has written several articles on those topics for trade magazines including Power Magazine and Energy Tech.

Outside of work, Gary can be found either on a golf course, at a sporting event (especially Pitt basketball and football) or spending time with his six grandchildren.

Conco Services LLC is the world leader in off-line mechanical tube cleaning.  From power generation to polymers, alumina to refineries, Conco technicians have restored efficiency and reliability to over 150 million condenser and heat exchanger tubes worldwide.  In addition to cleaning services, Conco is a leading provider of nondestructive testing services, including IRIS, RFT, eddy current and tracer gas leak detection.

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