Dr Roointon E Pavri, Dec 13, 1944-July 2, 2020

Roointon Pavri is presented the Frame 6 Users Group’s 2007 John F D Peterson award by the organization’s co-chairs Jeff Gillis (left) and Larry Flashberg (right)

Roointon Erach Pavri had recently retired from GE Energy when he was recognized for “extraordinary contributions” to the electric power industry with the Frame 6 Users Group’s 2007 John F D Peterson Award (photo). Pavri had achieved “hero status” with this organization for his technical leadership in resolving complex gas-turbine application issues.

He graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a doctorate degree in aerospace engineering in 1972 and worked in numerous engineering roles in Schenectady and Atlanta for more than three decades, authoring many technical publications. Pavri had two patents to his credit. The gifted engineer probably was best known in the industry for his work in reducing emissions from GE frame engines. The OEM recognized Pavri’s achievements with its coveted Edison Engineering Award in 2004.

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