Turbine Inlet Cooling Association elects officers, directors for 2021-2022 – Combined Cycle Journal

Turbine Inlet Cooling Association elects officers, directors for 2021-2022

Don Punwani, executive director of the Turbine Inlet Cooling Association, called the CCJ editors to say the organization had elected officers and directors for 2021-2022. Recall that TIC is a resilient, sustainable, fast-response, and carbon-reduction option for gas-turbine owner/operators.

Learn what inlet cooling can do for your plant/company by visiting the resource-rich TICA website when time allows. It offers a TIC performance calculator, experience database of over 400 installations, webinars, technical papers, etc.

The non-profit trade association, established 20 years ago, develops and disseminates worldwide information on all TIC technology options—wetted media, fogging, wet compression, mechanical chiller system, absorption cooling systems, and LNG vaporization systems, and various combinations of these alternatives.

Don Shepherd of Caldwell Energy was elected chairman for the new term; he had been vice chair. Andrew Sickler of Baltimore Aircoil moved up to vice chair following a term as president. The new president is Rob Pugh of Danfoss, VP previously. Justin Rose of Munters was elected VP and Keith Flitner of Victory Turbine Secretary. Consultant Patricia Graef continues as treasurer. Richard Buckley of Johnson Controls (Asia) is the new director.


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