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Dig into the details of products/services available from PSM, Shell/ACT, Doosan

There were two special live technical presentations during Week 3 of the 7F Users Group’s 2020 Digital Conference—one by PSM, the other by Shell/Advanced Chemical Technologies—and one extended live technical presentation from Doosan Turbomachinery Services. The video recordings, available on-demand to owner/operators, bring you up-to-date on the products and services offered by these companies to help keep your plant safe, efficient, and reliable.

The PSM presentation, “What Else Do you Need from your 7F Power Plants,” was divided among Marc Paskin, senior technical lead, combustion and digital; Dr Alex Torkaman, manager, airfoils, upgrades, and rotors; Josh McNally, technical lead, combustion and digital; Tim Hui, manager, combustion and digital; Brian Loucks, technical lead, airfoils, upgrades, and rotors; Dr Greg Vogel, manager, technology programs; Dr Scott Keller, manager, airfoils, upgrades, and rotors; and Ian Summerside, global product manager for F-class and digital.

Technical topics covered during the one-hour seminar were:

    • FlexSuite and FlexRamp upgrades.
    • Gas Turbine Optimization Packages (GTOP™).
    • FlameSheet™ install successes.
    • Total flexibility with FlameTOP™.
    • Proven rotor management solutions.
    • Manufacturing for the future with additive manufacturing.

The Shell/ACT presentation, “Varnish Mitigation—Not a One Size Fits All,” is a collaboration between Chelsea Bukowski (Kovanda), well known to F-class users, and Dr Robert Profilet. Recall that American Chemical Technologies Inc was purchased by Shell in December 2019. ACT and its team continues to operate the ACT business on behalf of Shell for a transitional period.

The video recording covers the following:

    • Introduction to Shell/ACT.
    • Lubricant selection/base stock evolution.
    • Varnish.
    • Mitigation methods for varnish.
    • Top-off fluids.
    • Fluid solutions.
    • Maintenance of turbine oils.

The Doosan Turbomachinery Services presentation by Glenn Turner, VP engineering, will be of particular value to users who have not yet visited the company’s new Houston-area facilities and are not familiar with the company’s products and services for the 7F, including its DART (Doosan Advanced Re-engineered Turbine) program, which is developing new manufacture AGP .04 parts, as well as repairs for these components.

Turner opens with an overview of Doosan’s extensive facilities and engineering and manufacturing capabilities worldwide. He moves quickly through Houston’s shop capabilities—including a 7FA major rotor overhaul. The DART program’s technology upgrades for the 7FA.03 (compressor, combustor, turbine) will be of special interest to owner/operators. Combustion hardware improvements include fuel nozzles and the combustion assembly; plus, the company’s auto-tuning solution. Upgraded designs of buckets, nozzles, and shroud blocks are part of the DART promise to deliver power and efficiency equal to or better than 7FA.04 AGP turbine components.

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