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Defects in high-temperature plant components

Dr Ahmed Shibli, managing director, European Technology Development Ltd (ETD), recently contacted Consulting Editor Steve Stultz to invite CCJ’s participation in the upcoming High-Temperature Defect Assessment (HIDA) conference, April 20-22. The virtual meeting will assess the behavior of high-temperature plant components containing defects and operating under steady and/or cyclic load conditions. This is considered by many experts to be an area of urgent need and interest to the global power-generation community.

Presentations and discussions will incorporate the thinking of experts from the UK, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, US, South Africa, Australia, and Japan, among others.

The program is divided into the following three segments:

    • Inspection, damage, and cracking under creep, fatigue, and oxidation conditions.
    • Defects/cracks and life assessment.
    • Martensitic steels—cracking, life assessment, and modeling.

Register today at

Shibli and the UK-based consultancy he leads has had a long-term collaboration with CCJ on technologies of importance to powerplant owner/operators. To review some of ETD’s work, access and/or conduct a simple keyword search at

The first HIDA conference, a European Commission and industry-support research initiative, was held in Paris in 1998, back when all industry meetings were in-person events.

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