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GTAA Cogen: Engineering improvement facilitates steam-turbine access

GTAA Cogen Plant

Owned by Greater Toronto Airport Authority Operated by SNC Lavalin O&M
117-MW, gas-fired, combined-cycle cogeneration facility located in Mississauga, Ont, Canada
Plant manager: Socrates Furtado

Challenge. The plant’s Siemens steam turbine has an inline condenser with a nominal 20-in.-diam bolted manhole on top for inspection purposes. The approach to this manhole is restricted by condensate and process-steam pipes. The manhole cover, at a height of about 13 ft and weighing about 30 lb, must be open when inspecting the condenser. This normally is done twice annually during the planned shutdowns, if not for emergency work on control valves in that area, which need occasional maintenance.

Plant staff used to approach this area with the help of ladders and fall-arrest and secure the fall- arrest at non-designated securing points. It was a challenge to work in the area with restricted body movement and most of the times posed a safety concern, especially while handling tools.

Solution. Install a permanent access ladder to this area (Fig 1). The intricate access dictated that the ladder be designed and fabricated in sections. Dimensional drawings were made by plant staff and provided to a contractor for certification and manufacture. Installation was completed with the contractor’s help. It was not an easy fit because of the various obstructions at the location of interest.

Results. The modification enables safe access to the area to open the manhole cover (Fig 2) for periodic condenser inspections and to inspect control valves when the plant is running. The platform, and railings around the manhole cover, provide safe working conditions both on top of the condenser and to anchor the fall arrests of personnel going down into the condenser for inspection.

Project participants:

Socrates Furtado, plant manager

John Power, operator

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