One of the biggest challenges facing owners and operators of gas-turbine-based powerplants in deregulated markets is the need to continually improve the performance of their facilities–to increase revenues and decrease expenses. One component of this goal of “continual improvement” is Best Practices. These are the methods and procedures plants rely on to assure top performance on a predictable and repeatable basis.

The Best Practices Awards  program launched in late 2004 by the COMBINED CYCLE Journal has as its primary objective the recognition of the valuable contributions made by plant staffs–and headquarters engineering and asset-management personnel as well–to improve the perfomance of GT-based generating facilities.

Entries for the 2012 awards in Operation and Maintenance (two categories this year: Balance of Plant, Business), Design, Environmental Stewardship, and Safety (two categories: Procedures & Administration, Equipment & Systems) are linked below. 


Environmental Stewardship

Operations and Maintenance