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Easily connect with and view presentations from key suppliers @ 7FUG 2020, Part IV

One of the unique aspects of the 7F Users Group’s 2020 Digital Conference is the opportunity to interact online with the OEM and nearly 50 third-party solutions providers. Ten companies in the latter group were selected by the steering committee to conduct live technical presentations which are available for on-demand playpack. The remaining solutions providers participated in the conference with virtual booths in the Vendor Fair conducted Tuesday and Wednesday of Week One. They connected directly with users via video (or audio) links.

In case you missed the opportunity to visit with one or more of these companies at the Vendor Fair, the editors have compiled brief summaries of the products/services they showcased, along with links to that information. The names of experts to contact for details are included, in addition to a variety of downloadable case studies, white papers, etc.

Part I. Exhibitors not included in the listing below were profiled in CCJ ONsite earlier. Products and services offered by virtual exhibitors Allied Power Group, GTC Control Solutions, Nel Hydrogen, Nitto Inc, Parker Hannifin Corp, Dekomte de Temple, Conax Technologies, Donaldson Company, ESC/Spectrum, and Hilco can be reviewed in Part I of this four-part series.

Part II of the series featured offerings from Mercer Thompson/IEM Energy Consultants, AP+M, Braden Filtration, Bureau Veritas, Groome Industrial Service Group, Pioneer Motor Bearing, VAW Systems, National Electric Coil, Nord-Lock Group, and Rochem Technical Services. [link to

Part III of the series summarized offerings from Parker Hannifin Gas Turbine Filtration, Moog Inc, Turbine Logic, AP+M, Liburdi Turbine Services, Strategic Power Systems Inc, C C Jensen Oil Maintenance, Badger Industries, Emerson Automation Solutions, and SVI Dynamics.

JASC Controls

Pitfalls to avoid for enhanced liquid-fuel-system reliability (users only)

Schuyler McElrath, one of the electric-power industry’s leading experts on liquid fuel systems for gas turbines, has new product development as one of his responsibilities at JASC Controls. His presentation simplifies the complexity inherent in liquid fuel systems and focuses on what design features owner/operators should be aware of to assure reliable starts on oil, reliable transfers from gas to oil, and vice versa, and reliable operation on both fuels. McElrath stresses that while some issues can be addressed with hardware upgrades, system infrastructure changes are an equally important part of the performance improvement process.


Advanced steam-turbine-casing warming for startup (users only)

ARNOLD is perhaps best known globally for the insulation systems it provides for all types/designs of gas and steam turbines. Outside North America it is equally well known for its onsite turbine machining services. Turbine warming systems have matured as product line in the last several years given the need for gas and steam turbines to start faster to satisfy grid requirements.

Pierre Ansmann, the company’s global head of marketing, Norman Gagnon, ARNOLD’s North American project manager, and controls expert Joris Ringelberg provide users a primer on turbine warming systems. Their presentation covers the following:

    • Maintenance and operational benefits for individual customers.
    • Differences between various warming-system arrangements.
    • Durability and reliability.
    • The importance of proper insulation for a warming system.
    • Warming-system controls.
    • Cost and duration of initial installation and periodic maintenance.


A look inside Sulzer Turbo Services (users only)

Michael Andrepont, GM operations (gas turbines), and Jim Neurohr, area sales manager, take you on a 6-min tour of Sulzer Turbo Services’ Houston shop and explain the company’s capabilities regarding the 7FA—including HGP component, combustion hardware, and fuel-nozzle repairs, field services, rotor life evaluation, LTSAs, etc. Sulzer is one of the world’s leading independent service providers in the repair and maintenance of all makes and models of industrial gas and steam turbines, compressors, and expanders. It offers a wide range of manufacturing, engineering, reconditioning, balancing, and coating services.


GT upgrades: Low-load impact on HRSGs (users only)

Anand Gopa Kumar, who leads HRST’s Analysis Dept, provides users critical insights on how increasing the turndown capability of their gas turbines to provide the operational flexibility required in many areas of the country today may impact the HRSG. He identifies areas within the boiler at risk of exceeding their design capabilities and possibly susceptible to long-term damage. Kumar also suggests modifications to the HRSG and associated equipment (including attemperators, internal liners, superheater tubes, steam separators, etc) to enable the desired turndown with minimal risk.


7FA component lifetime extension (users only)

José Quiñones, PE, director of engineering for MD&A’s San Antonio Service Center, the company’s gas-turbine parts service facility, presents a tutorial on the life-limiting factors of hot-gas-path components. Included are typical steps to follow when conducting a lifetime-extension project. Plus, the upgrades, mods, and improvements—including advanced coatings—you should consider to extend the lifetimes of critical parts.

Gas Path Solutions LLC

Exhaust-diffuser relining and upgrades (users only)

Brian Nason, business manager, and Michael Busack, sales and field services manager, discuss the reconditioning services and upgrades offered for 7FA exhaust diffusers manufactured by C&W Fabricators, Quest, Braden, and others. Among the company’s replacement solutions: inlet flex seal joint, outlet expansion joint, and internal free-floating liner system. Turnkey installation is provided.

Koenig Engineering Inc

Everything you should know about turning gears but don’t (users only)

Tim Connor, aftermarket sales and field service manager, reviews findings from turning-gear teardown inspections, highlighting common failure modes and how to avoid them. An in-depth review of turning-gear operation and major components is especially beneficial for plant personnel with limited experience. Finally, Connor offers an action plan for ensuring long-term turbine starting and rolling reliability.


Pushing the needle: New strategies to improve gas-turbine energy efficiency through lubrication (users only)

Lubrication experts Mike Galloway, Jim Hannon, and Charlie Smith show how oils offering energy-efficiency benefits can improve your bottom line. They dig into the technical science and offer field and lab data to quantify the value of advanced lubrication strategies.

EagleBurgmann Industries LP

Expansion-joint maintenance from an owner/utility perspective (users only)

Mark Ahonen, aftermarket sales manager, provides an in-depth look at the 7FA exhaust joint—covering maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and a general owner’s guide of critical areas to monitor.

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