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Groome positioned for growth, acquires W-S Companies

Groome Industrial Service Group, a recognized leader in specialty maintenance services across a broad range of industrial markets, is always working toward one goal: Provide top notch turnkey industrial services to every one of its clients, anywhere in the country. Groome took a huge step towards that goal when it recently announced the acquisition of Iowa-based W-S Companies and its entities.

This acquisition increases Groome’s portfolio of services, geographic coverage, and equipment fleet, which will enhance its existing business, offer additional opportunities to clients, and help grow its customer base. Groome and W-S share rich histories, a strong commitment to their people and values that promote safety, integrity, and collaboration.

W-S Companies, one of the largest, privately held, veteran-owned and -operated industrial services companies in the United States, was founded in 1993. It is a multifaceted organization comprised of eight associated entities: W-S Industrial Services, W-S Mechanical Group, W-S Specialty Services, AllSouth Environmental, Ducks Paint Shop, Force Welding School, H2O Underpressure, and Orange Industrial Services. These companies deliver high-quality services ranging from complex projects to more standard day-to-day operations. W-S and its entities’ shared commitment to safety, integrity, and accountability is a cornerstone of its operations. They serve a diverse client base spanning industries such as power, food and beverage, refining, petrochemical, entertainment, utilities, chemicals, manufacturing, pulp and paper, and municipal.

The W-S entities offer industrial cleaning and maintenance services such as hydroblasting, hydro excavation, wet/dry vacuum services, media blasting, mechanical maintenance, explosive deslagging, boiler/exchanger cleaning and repair services, tank cleaning, video pipeline inspections, welding and fabrication, pipefitting and welding education, and industrial and municipal waste removal and disposal.

Groome is best known for its work in the natural-gas-fired power-generation space, focusing on catalyst maintenance and replacement, ammonia-injection-grid services, inlet-filter-house services, and most recently its patented KinetiClean™ HRSG tube cleaning service. In addition, Groome’s industrial service mix ranges from painting shipyard cranes and full-scale plant clean-downs to installing aircraft hangar doors. Growth in recent years has also positioned Groome as a top maintenance provider in the coal-fired power-generation industry.

Groome also has a team of expert engineers and technicians that offer suggestions, insights, and custom specifications that help clients set realistic budgetary and time-frame goals. Their focus on safety, attention to detail, dedicated project management, and straight-forward communication is evident throughout each project from initial planning to successful completion.

Jeff Bause, President & CEO of Groome Industrial, states, “We are excited for W-S to join the Groome team, creating a bigger and better specialty maintenance company with an even stronger nationwide presence. Both companies provide a service mix that is complementary to one another while also offering unique specialty services.”

Now combined, Groome and W-S have positioned themselves as leaders in industrial, mechanical, and specialty maintenance services with a continued focus on safety and value creation. Groome has significantly increased its national footprint with over 20 locations and, with a wider breadth of services, is poised to provide clients with an even higher level of turnkey solutions.

For more information about Groome Industrial Service Group and its newly expanded line of services, please visit, or call 800-505-6100.

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