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Guaranteed emissions compliance for ageing gas turbines

Jeff Bause, Noxco’s CEO, opened the webinar by explaining to turbine users how his company is raising an industry bar with the first LTSA (long-term service agreement) for emissions compliance. He said that by removing the burden and responsibility for protecting and managing complex systems from owner/operators, Noxco delivers performance, predictability, cash flow, and 100% risk mitigation through a turnkey solution.

Bause is well-known to many CCJ readers for his deep knowledge of catalyst system maintenance, gained over the years as CEO of Groome Industrial Service Group. He is a frequent speaker at industry events on SCR and CO catalyst cleaning, repacking, and replacement, plus the cleaning of ammonia vaporizers and injection grids, as well as of HRSG tubes.

Noxco’s turnkey solution, Bause says, increases the operational flexibility and performance of the SCR, CO catalyst, and ammonia injection system (AIG) to deliver sustained peak performance at the lowest lifecycle cost (figure). LTSA benefits include all system maintenance, inspections, tuning, optimization, catalyst testing and cleaning, catalyst replacement with the optimal product for your site and operating conditions, spent catalyst disposal, AIG design optimization and tuning, and performance upgrades. Access the recorded webinar below to get the details.

Jeff Bause, CEO,, 201-675-5818

Jorge Cadena, VP-Business Development,, 678-528-3551

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