1. 7HA users wrestle with emergent issues at inaugural meeting


2. SPECIAL REPORT: Acute levels of uncertainty pervade the industry


3. Wolf Hollow offers early glimpse into H-machine performance 


4. GAS TURBINES: Turbine blade, vane cooling-a primer


5. 7F USERS GROUP: Steering committee, OEM discuss ways to improve field service


6. Users address bucket-rock, icing concerns, plus rotor exchange at end of life


7. HRSG hot topics: risk-based inspection, corrosion under insulation, water chemistry


8. User/vendor collaboration helps identify root cause of breaker problems


9. GAS-TURBINE COMPRESSORS: Understanding stall, surge


10. AIG upgrades slash ammonia consumption, tube fouling


11. 2018 BEST OF THE BEST PRACTICES: Effingham County Power


12. 2018 BEST OF THE BEST PRACTICES: Green Country Energy


13. GENERATORS: Lessons learned, best practices shared at GUG 2017


14. Doosan takes a high-profile position in aftermarket services


15. Turbine valves: How to prevent an actuator failure from tripping your plant


16. Lessons learned by industry vet promote higher availability, improved performance, enhanced personnel protection


17. Safety: The starting point for Frame 6 User Group meetings as well as plant operations


18. How does PAG stack up against mineral oils after a decade of experience?


19. 2018 BEST OF THE BEST PRACTICES: Minnesota River Station


20. ‘Self-inflicted logic forcing’ associated with the Mark V remains a mystery