Harv smFrom the Editor

Harvey Byron Jansen was as much a star in the engineering world as members of the Brazilian World Cup team are in soccer. He, too, came to be known by his first name. If you said “Harv” to many of those knowledgeable about servos, actuators, valves, and combustion systems in aerospace and land-based gas-turbine applications, they knew immediately you were referring to the smart, effervescent guy in the lab coat with a resemblance to Dr Emmett Brown of Back to the Future fame.     more

CCJ’S 2014 ‘Best of the Best’ Plants

BoB 2014


Effingham smEffingham County Power

Control logic protects against unit trips when exhaust T/Cs fail in service
Using designated equipment to transfer oil
Preventive damage measures for water-wicking cables
Observations program strengthens safety culture     more


Newington sm

Newington Energy LLC

Nitrogen mitigates HRSG corrosion, inerts gas lines during maintenance
Mod to auxiliary cooling system reduces station back-feed
16-kV switchgear IR scanning windows
CEMS shelter oxygen analyzer keeps operators safe     more


TVGS smTenaska Virginia Generating Station

Building a 21st-century workforce begins with education
Exterior plant lighting inspection, improvements
Contractor safety key component to OSHA VPP Star status     more



Cosumnes smCosumnes Power Plant, SPA CoGen III, and McClellan GT

Controlling O&M deficiencies key to higher reliability, profitability
Adding cost-effective and noninvasive fire protection
Self-generating nitrogen system improves safety, saves money     more



GGila smila River Power Station

Rethinking water cycle yields big saving at Gila River     more






CTOTF™: Addressing user concerns from the GT air inlet out to the transmission line

CTOTF smIndustry Issues: prognostics
High-Energy Piping concerns
Cold-weather operational impacts
GE F-class engines
GE E- and Legacy-class GTs
P&W Roundtable
7F compressor inspections      more

7EA Users Group: Only 50 bucks

7EA smHot topics @ upcoming meeting
2013 conference highlights
Clashing panel
Rotor-life panel
Performance enhancement
Avoid trips on liquid fuel
Air filters
Controls panel     more

CCUG: Focusing on systems, equipment beyond the gas turbine and steamer

CCUG smFast start/fast ramp plants
Condenser sparger life limits
Lessons learned: construction
The complexities of flexibility
Safety: a state of mind, a way of life
Water management     more


WTUI: The predominant contributors to forced outages of LM aero engines

PSP30649-01 LMS100 DI 40MBLM2500
LMS100     more



biz part smBusiness Partners

Company news from EthosEnergy, Sentry Equipment Corp, NAES Corp, ProEnergy, Kobe Steel Ltd.

New products and services from Cutsforth Inc, AAF, Oil Filtration Systems, and Swift Filters Inc.     more