CCJ Issue 58, Featuring Special 501F Users Group Section

Upcoming 501F User Group Conference

Learn from colleagues, rub elbows with 100 vendors in Scottsdale, Feb 17 – 22

  • Meet the Steering Committee
  • Recap of 2018 Special Closed Sessions from GE, MHPS, PSM, and Siemens.

Exhaust System Case Study

Repairs never-ending? Replace problematic exhaust systems

Specialized Vendor Solutions

Users convert to single-layer SCR catalyst to reduce pressure drop, ammonia use 
Groome Industrial Service Group 

Turnkey outage support for HRSGs, including complete valve services

Maintaining reliability in 501F generators 
National Electric Coil

Colorless varnish? 
CC Jensen

Proactive approach to mitigate torque-tube and air-separator risks 
Doosan Turbomachinery Services

The pressure-drop dilemma with self-cleaning filter houses 

Getting to the bottom of bearing damage 
Bearings Plus Inc

Case for third-party outage solutions strengthens
TOPS Field Services LLC

PAG favored over petroleum-based lubricants by an increasing number of turbine users 
American Chemical Technologies Inc

Best Practices for the 501F/G Fleet

High Desert: Chlorine dioxide bests bleach for organics control in cooling water

Dogwood: Safety underpins plant’s approach to predictive motor maintenance

AMP Fremont: Transparent wall, curtain protect staff from chemical hazards

State Line: How wet cooling tower operates in extreme cold without freeze-up

Athens: ST shaft temperature predictor reduces risk of permit violations

Lea: Reducing turbine lube-oil varnish potential extends fluid’s useful life



COMBINED CYCLE USERS GROUP: Annual meeting focuses on equipment inspection, operation, maintenance

7H USERS GROUP: Owner/operators wrestle with emergent issues at inaugural meeting

OVATION USERS GROUP: More tools, more features, fewer connections

DISTRIBUTED ENERGY CONFERENCE: From central to distributed, the inflection point still not clear?


EMISSIONS CONTROL: Latest GTs pose special challenges for NOx, CO catalyst system design?

HEAT-RECOVERY STEAM GENERATORS: Attention to detail early in the lifecycle sets the tone for long-term reliable service?

TURBINE TIPS, No. 1 in a series: Limit output to maintain reliability of legacy engines?

HEP and HRSG INSPECTION and MAINTENANCE: Factor European experience into O&M practices at US combined cycles?

HEAT RECOVERY STEAM GENERATORS: How best to replace an HP evaporator… Tubes only or entire harp??

LESSONS LEARNED 1: Would you like a little sea salt on that??

LESSONS LEARNED 2: Inspect, maintain hoses to prevent failures?

AIR-COOLED CONDENSERS: Users group publishes tube-cleaning guidelines

STEAM TURBINES: Protect plant equipment through better training