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DG: When the merely viable becomes the truly commercial

It is clear that the regulatory framework is evolving rapidly for distributed generation (DG) and the “transactional grid” to challenge, or perhaps more appropriately, complement the traditional centralized “big iron,” one-way paradigm of the last century. However, there’s another critical hurdle which must be overcome. DG has to evolve from a vast suite of viable […]

Oil firing comparable to gas at 501F peaking plant

Most equipment-oriented technical papers presented at industry conferences, and articles that appear in electric-power publications, are based on supplier input and typically discuss expectations for new or improved systems and components rather than field-demonstrated experience. CCJ ONsite and CCJ (print) focus on the latter, to the degree possible. Many of the editors’ daytime hours are […]

Siemens engineers speak to issues, solutions, technology developments for F, G, H frames

Siemens Energy Inc’s second technical conference for owner/operators of its F,G, and H gas turbines, held Sept 18-21, 2016 at the Rosen Centre in Orlando, was rated a “success” by attendees sharing their views after the meeting. Nearly 150 global customers from 65 companies participated. CCJ’s editorial team, unable to attend because of schedule constraints, […]

What to look for when inspecting GT exhaust systems

When it comes to exhaust systems for gas turbines (GTs), Bill Grace of Universal AET™ told the editors, “it seems hardly a day goes by that we aren’t asked to answer one of the following questions: When will our exhaust duct and/or exhaust baffles fail? When will our expansion joint blow out, expel GT exhaust, […]

1950s-vintage plant revamped for today’s Ercot market

If country music stars sang about powerplants, the Victoria Power Station, Victoria, Tex, might be a good choice. It’s a story about ordinary people doing heroic things in the face of constant adversity. With new owner Rockland Capital ready to invest in another turnaround, a period of stability may be near. Imagine a gray market […]

Plant knowledge platform emerges from yesterday’s DCS

Participants in the 29th annual conference of the Ovation Users Group, hosted by Emerson Automation Solutions’ Power & Water, in Pittsburgh, July 24-28, 2016, were, as in past years, treated to a plethora of advanced capabilities and current experiences with what is now the dominant automation system at US combined-cycle facilities. Based specifically on the […]

Repowering prepares century-old plant for decades more life

Much can happen to a powerplant in 111 years, but perhaps more so in the last decade than the previous 10. Empire District Electric Co’s Riverton Power Plant, located in the Southeast corner of Kansas, is one of the oldest continuously operating generating facilities in the country. Its history reflects the broad trends in the […]