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Sharing of best practices a top priority of the Frame 6 Users Group

BASF Geismar – BASF Chemical Co
160-MW, gas-fired, 2 x 1 combined cycle cogeneration facility location in Geismar, La.
Plant Manager: Jerry Lebold

The sharing of best practices among owner/operators contributes to safer working conditions and to increases in unit availability and reliability fleet-wide. The Frame 6 users have been proactive in this regard, contributing their experiences during the annual meetings as well as in the group’s online forum, now hosted on the Power Users website.

J C Rawls, a technology engineer in BASF-Geismar’s utilities department and a member of the Frame 6 User Group’s steering committee, has been particularly helpful in explaining the details of his work on boiler and powerplant performance improvement to colleagues at the annual meetings and with the industry at large through CCJ’s Best Practices Program.

Three entries submitted by Rawls recently have been recognized with Best Practices Awards and may be of value to you. One discusses a home-grown boiler efficiency controller that improves performance through process automation, another describes a performance dashboard that tells at a glance if a particular system or piece of equipment is meeting operational expectations.

Finally, in “How to configure controls for economic steam dispatch,” Rawls discusses a proven controls scheme for the efficient production of steam from six boilers (unfired HRSG, duct-fired HRSG, and four conventional boilers) for two-dozen chemical manufacturing units typically requiring from 630,000 to 860,000 lb/hr of superheated steam at 615 psig.

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