Steering committee polls 7F users to identify top attendee interest areas for 2023 meeting

The 7F Users Group’s 2023 conference is less than three weeks off and the steering committee (list below) is polling owner/operators to be sure one or more discussion topics of importance have not been left off the agenda inadvertently. This is the first time such a poll has been conducted ahead of this annual meeting and an indicator of how diligent the committee is about aggregating the most meaningful content to address attendee information needs.

Here is how to help the committee help you: Participate in the two surveys linked below as soon as possible. Total time: less than two minutes.

First survey is to learn which five (of 18) TILs from 2022 and 2023 you want the OEM to explain/discuss in more detail than it has already provided. To take this survey, go to:

The five TILs those who have already taken the survey recommend are the following:

  • F-class turbine-blade damper-pin recommendations.
  • 7F DLN 2.6+ center-fuel-nozzle tip configuration update.
  • 7F Stage-1-shroud inner tile seal.
  • IGV inspection and maintenance for gear-and-rack type.
  • F-class exhaust-frame L-seal retention inspection and modification.
  • 05 compressor T-fairing distress.

Note that the last three TILs were tied in the voting last week.

Second survey asks that you identify five of the 50 upgrades listed, many “forgotten,” for GE discuss in greater detail. 7F users are acutely aware of the many upgrades promoted by the OEM over the last several years. The majority of these may not have been relevant or popular when released but may now be of interest because of changes in operating regimes, regulations, weather, etc.

To participate in this survey, go to:

The five upgrades those who have already taken the survey recommend revisiting are these:

  • Anti-icing logic.
  • OpFlex sliding fuel-gas pressure control/sliding P2.
  • Compressor-bleed-valve variants (TIL-1416, stainless, solenoid reliability).
  • Hydrogen bolted seal (7FH2).
  • Stator-blade removal tool.
  • Robust Gen2F exhaust thermocouples.
  • Overspeed test.

Note that the last three upgrades were tied in the voting last week.

The 7F Users Group’s 2023 Steering Committee

Chairman: John Rogers, SRP
Vice Chairman: Dave Such, Xcel Energy

Luis Barrera, Calpine
Sam Graham, Tenaska
Riz James, Dominion Energy
Clinton Lafferty, TVA
Doug Leonard, ExxonMobil
Ed Maggio, TVA
Justin McDonald, Southern Company Generation
Timothy Null, Eastman Chemical
Brian Richardson, FPL
Zach Wood, Duke Energy

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